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About Us

Abacchus Wine is a Swedish company importing beverages such as wine, beer and liquor. Our ambition is to supply the restaurants in the Preservo Group. Presently there are nine restaurants but we are growing. The portfolio will be based on mainstream wines for the broad consumption. We believe in long lasting relations with serious wine producers that can supply and support our need for low, middle and high range beverages.

Rolf Olofsson

CEO and co-owner with 35 years of experience of wines and from hospitality mainly in Sweden and in China. In addition to operate Abacchus Wine, I travel regularly and visit wine producers all over Europe. I have a special heart and commitment to Mallorca wines that I have followed closely over the last decade. In my restaurant - Barrique Wine Bar, I organize wine tastings and dinners for wine producers. I also educate junior managers in beverages and restaurant economy.

Contact & billing address

Abacchus Wine AB

Berzeliigatan 18
412 53 Gothenburg

Company ID: 556977-7807
VAT: SE 556977-780701
EMCS: SEM 5569777807

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