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Marketing & Branding

Pittoreska promenad
Abacchus Wine can offer an efficient marketing and brand building opportunity through our restaurants and all their final consumers.
We at abacchus wine believe it's important with customers interaction, Liquid to lips. Education and information is crucial and it's what builds brands awareness. By doing this we create loyal customers and most importantly -  they will stay loyal long-term.

during a period of three months we can reach 90.000 guests, get more than 500.000 likes on Facebook and reach thousands via Instagram.

The marketing package includes :
1. Place in all wine lists
2. Served by the glass (+ Cora vin)
3. Add on first page of the wine list
4. Recommendations by waiters via sales competitions and promotions
5. Attendance in the wine pairing package for menus
6. Attractive exposure, in the restaurant, on the tables, shelves and brochures,
7. Possibility to arrange wine makers dinners and marketing events.
8. Sales competitions
9. E commerce
10. Volume purchase – to be discussed

Storytelling, marketing and
sales-offers through our:
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